For a revealing and joyous project, Irish primary school teacher and trad musician Edwina Guckian of Co. Leitrim decided to document the entirety of her 2014 with a video of one-second clips from each day.

Through the 365 tiny moments you can take a trip into Edwina’s life, which is full to the brim with traditional Irish dancing and music, cute kids and animals, trips overseas, Ireland’s countryside, some tragedy and even her own engagement.

Edwina told the Daily Edge: “I have so many happy memories of events over the years that I never want to forget. So I said to myself I’m going to record one second of every day in 2014 and always be able to look back and appreciate how special that year was.”

The video has gained almost 30,000 views in the last few days. It really is sweet, and if you’re not busy envying Edwina’s whereabouts you’ll enjoy this 7-minute glimpse into the daily life of this proud Irish woman.