If fiery redhead Maureen O’Hara was your beacon of beauty or you find yourself pining after Domhnall Gleeson in every movie you see him in, you should definitely date a readhead. 

If you’re still on the fence about giving it a try, here are some not-too-subtle hints at why dating a redhead is the best.

1. Redheads actually have more fun


Just ignore the rest.

2. They stand out in a crowd

3. They tend to age well

Not only do people with red hair tend not to go gray as often but keeping their pale complexions out of the sun means they aren’t letting themselves suffer as much sun damage which can lead to skin-aging.

4. A redheaded man’s beard will actually match his hair color

Many men find those flickers and patches of red hair throughout their beards leading to a mismatched kaleidoscope of hair colors on their heads. Nothing to fear when your hair is already red.

5. You have something rare and beautiful

And every day you should thank your lucky stars that that recessive gene fought through.

*Originally published in November 2015.