Anthony Edwards of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves went viral back in 2021 after his charming interaction with an Irish reporter.

Speaking after the Timberwolves’ 139 - 112 loss against the Milwaukee Bucks, 19-year-old Edwards, who was the number one NBA draft pick in 2020, fielded a question from Jim Conlan of Raidió Corca Baiscinn (RCB), a non-profit community radio station in West Clare in Ireland.

“Where you from, Jim?,” Edwards, clearly intrigued, asks with a grin on his face after Jim poses his question in the post-game interview.

“Ireland,” Conlan replies.

“I like your accent - it’s tough. I wanna learn how to talk like that. But - ask your question again, I was too much listening to your accent.”

The video of the interaction, shared on Twitter by the Milwaukee Timberwolves, was viewed more than 1.4 million times and liked more than 16k times in less than a day.

You can watch the hilarious exchange here:

Confirmed: Ant is a big fan of Irish accents 😂

— Minnesota Timberwolves (@Timberwolves) February 24, 2021

The Timberwolves' tweet drew some generally heartwarming replies as well:

I encourage you to visit Ireland. The friendliest and most chatty people will welcome you and talk your ear off.

— (((George))) (@AmericanAfricn) February 24, 2021

Well tell the @NBA to play the 2023 game in Dublin then!

— Sadly Beal (@TheTrashBros) February 24, 2021

Tell Anthony, if he hasn’t figured it out already, he can make his Siri have an Irish accent. Highly recommended.

— Lord Jason Gilbert (@JasonGilbert) February 24, 2021

Ant more than welcome to come over and play championship during the summer. He'd run riot corner forward

— Keith McNulty (@KeithMc95) February 24, 2021

That’ll earn him a lifetime of free pints in Ireland

— GC (@PhillyTradesman) February 24, 2021

the best part is that the Irish dude called the standings "the table" like he's taking to some striker from Dundalk who's about to face off against Longford Town.

— Professor Synchronous Webex Guy (@conn_stapleton) February 24, 2021

The next @donie makes his debut!

— Daniel Smith (@DannyAdelante) February 24, 2021

*Originally published in 2021. Last updated in September 2023.