A NASA astronaut tweeted a literally unearthly photo of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia blanketed by a giant aurora.

The photo taken by Colonel Terry W. Virts, Jr, from Columbia, Maryland, was snapped while he was on board the International Space Station, 267.8 miles above the Earth. Virts amazing front row seat allowed him to take an amazing detailed photo, which includes weather formations, snow-topped mountains and the Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) hovering above the earth.

#Ireland, UK and #Scandinavia on a moonlit night under an amazing and everchanging aurora pic.twitter.com/pFeDGlkagL

— Terry W. Virts (@AstroTerry) February 11, 2015
Ireland’s adopted astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, also snapped shots of Ireland from space in April 2013.

Here’s his tweet from the time: