The famous Irish cat who adopted a flock of baby ducklings back in 2013 is making it big in China having gone viral in Ireland years ago.

Back in 2013 this story of a cat who adopted a flock of ducklings, which had been abandoned, in Clara, County Offaly. The adorable farm yard video soon went viral but who knew it would make it to China.

Now the video of farmer, Ronan and Emma’s amazing cat is doing the rounds in China. Far from that this kitty was reared, what?!

This video's now doing the rounds in China:

The originally video has almost 11 million views and you can see why. It's such a sweet story.

Ronan and Emma Lally had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some baby ducklings. Then, one morning, they noticed that the eggs had hatched, but there were no ducklings in sight.

Fearing the worst – especially with a cat on the farm – they went looking for the ducks. They couldn’t believe what they found.

The cat, having given birth to a litter of kittens just before the ducklings hatched, had incorporated them into her own brood. Even more incredible – she was nursing them.

After a while, Ronan wanted to separate the unlikely family, fearful that the cat’s predatory instincts would kick in. But Emma, who works as a midwife, persuaded him that they had to remain together.

As the ducklings grew into ducks, they quickly outgrew both their kitten siblings and their cat mother. But they all remained good friends and were the subject of a BBC nature series on odd animal couples.

We just love this! Animals remind us to be better people sometimes.