Young girl's message in a bottle makes it from Nova Scotia to Co Kerry

Sophie O’Neill has found a new Irish friend after her message in a bottle made it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland.

In September 2017, Sophie tossed her bottle into the sea from Broad Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sophie and her message in a bottle

Sophie and her message in a bottle

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Almost exactly a year later, her bottle washed ashore on the beach of Ballycurrane in Co Kerry, Ireland.

"Congratulations!" Sophie's note read, "you have found my message in a bottle!"

Sophie’s message included her name and phone number, and the mother of the Irish 9-year-old boy who found the message was able to track her down. The Irish family sent over with photos and their information.

Sophie's message in a bottle

Sophie's message in a bottle

Sophie’s mom Jane said that Sophie felt “like she had won the lottery” when she heard from the Irish family.

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Jane added that the families plan to stay in touch, and are excited to see what comes of it.

Sophie’s family captured the moment that she tossed her fateful message in a bottle into the ocean - watch here!

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