Why did the seal cross the road? To be fed fresh fish three times a day, of course.

Sammy the seal is becoming quite the Internet sensation after a video of the sweet sea mammal went viral. What makes Sammy so different is that fact that three times a day the lumbering beast crosses the road, from the sea to visit the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant, on the Wicklow seafront, for a fresh fish feast.

His fame has grown to such an extent that he even has his own Facebook page where his bio reads:

“Im very friendly, I have white blotches on my body, I have s distinguished white mark on my tail and I am very grateful to the Fish Man for feed me 3 times a day between 9 and 10:30/ 1 to 2:30 and 3:30 to 5pm (sic).”

The seal crosses two lanes of traffic and isn’t even put off as members of staff try to shoo him away with a chair. This animal knows what he’s at and eventually gets his treats.

According to the Irish Independent Sammy, who was named by the locals, visits the Fishman shop three times a day and usually dines on herring and mackerel.

The adorable footage below shows the member of staff trying to reason with Sammy saying “'Move on, come on please, back in the water. Sammy go home” but Sammy stays strong.

He doesn’t just back into the sea until the fish goes first. Smart!