Hoverboarding is thirsty work as expert Scotty Knemeyer displayed in Co. Tipperary last week, taking a breather from teaching his masterclass to guzzle down a pint of Guinness while still drifting above the water.

Although Knemeyer incredibly keeps his pint intact while he shoots into the air, he finds himself slightly soaked in the black stuff a few seconds later as he attempts to somersault while taking a sip.

While it’s definitely not a great idea to drink while operating something like this, Knemeyer is pretty impressive and mastering a hoverboard has to be the strangest thing we’ve ever seen somebody do while knocking back a pint.

Although some shout from the crowd that it’s a bit of a waste of a pint, what better way to spend what looks like an unusually glorious day in Ireland than by watching these fantastic acrobatics?

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Fair play, Scotty, but we think we’ll still be enjoying our Guinness safe on the water’s edge in the future!

Where’s the weirdest or funniest place you ever enjoyed a glass of Guinness? Let us know in the comments section.