The Irish like to complain about their state services and facilities and with good reason (ahem...Irish Water…). It appears that there’s at least one service that we can always rely on, however, as An Post, the Irish postal service, have been more than proving their worth of late.

It is mythically spoken of in Ireland that you could simply place a person’s name and town on an envelope and it would still find its way through their letterbox. Dublin-man David Curran decided to test this theory and discover what extraordinary ways he could construe to write delivery addresses on just as obscure packages.

In his Tumblr blog, Me Versus An Post, Curran is discovering the mighty Irish postal service will deliver pretty much anything. Kudos to those going to great lengths to make sure you receive your bills.


This was Curran’s first experiment with a different part of the address written on each face of the dice. It was delivered two days later and Curran had to become more inventive.

The sliding tile puzzle

We loved these puzzles as kids but could never quite get the hang of them. We obviously weren’t as good as these postal workers, who not only figured it out, but delivered the puzzle to the desire address by the next day.

A globe

It seems that even USPS can surprise us sometimes. This little globe surprisingly also made it to its destination.

Pop-up book addresses

Despite his best attempts to confuse both An Post and their British counterparts, the Royal Mail, all attempts at writing addresses via pop-up book mechanisms have arrived at their destination safe and sound.

A jigsaw

Not only did they successfully complete the jigsaw, but they left a polite note explaining to the recipient why they had to open their package. Now that’s good customer service.

A crossword puzzle

We’d love to know if this was a team or individual effort.

Toilet Roll

An Post successfully delivered this toilet roll with a Yeats poem written inside.

Mobius Strip

Unfortunately, An Post was beaten here and the strip was lost in the post. Normally we don't believe people when they utter this sentence but we’d forgive them this time.

Say what you see

The only part of the experiment to be returned to sender but, to their credit, this code is quite difficult to decipher. Despite having no return address, it arrived back to Curran’s house. We think An Post are onto him. See can you figure it out.

Answer: Metalman beer
Unit 14
Tiecore business center
County Waterford

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve sent or received in the post? Leave your comments for us below.

H/T: Me Versus An Post