Earlier this week, IrishCentral reported on poor Irish Dad Joseph Griffin who in his excitement to be in Las Vegas failed to notice that his camera was recording only his face … for the entirety of his trip.

Yes, failing to teach his Dad the difference between “selfie” mode and “normal” mode on his GoPro Camera, Evan Griffin discovered that all the sights his Dad was so eager to capture for his family to see were in the complete opposite direction to the camera’s lens.

He uploaded Joseph’s mistake-of-a-lifetime to YouTube and this Irish Dad became an internet star, racking up over seven million hits in a week.

Such was the success of Joe’s simple commentary on everything from his hotel view to the monorail, he even came to the attention of Las Vegas City itself.

Worried that Joe may not have shown the people back in Ireland just how good a time he had on his Vegas trip, the city has offered him a complete re-do and the chance to travel back to Vegas to re-record his now twice-in-a-lifetime trip.

Joe and Evan will travel back to Vegas this week and were told they will enjoy tours of all of the top attractions as well as a few new surprises.

You can see the original video below but to be honest, we wouldn’t mind too much if he made the same mistake again.

Best of luck, Joe!

H/T: Daily Edge