The votes are in: which Irish accent fared better, a Northern brogue, a Southern twang, or a Western lilt? 

Jury's recently put the divisive question to the nation of Ireland. A small island, that often boasts more dialects than countries triple its size.

The hotel chain asked more than 1,000 people across Ireland and with a whopping 37% majority, Donegal came out trumps.

Meanwhile, those with links to the rebel county, Cork, will be pleased to hear that their distinctive accent came in second place, with 13% of the vote.

Capital  city dwellers were just slightly behind, with 12% of Irish people believing that Dubliners sounded the sexiest.

This hilarious video breaks it down better than we ever could. Did you have any idea that there were this many in a country 300 miles long?!

What Irish lilt do you rank as the sexiest (or least sexiest)? Let us know in the comments below.