Josh Pray, the GAA-loving American comedian, shares all he learned after his trip to Dublin

Josh Pray, fresh off of his first-ever trip to Dublin where he attended the GAA All-Ireland Senior Football Final, has shared a new video in which he disproves some of the widely held stereotypes about Ireland and its people.

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The Florida-based social media star carved out a new fanbase of Irish and Irish American people earlier this summer when he began sharing (hilarious) videos of his reactions to learning about GAA sports.

Sadly, Josh Pray announced on September 10 that he would be discontinuing his GAA videos for a while due to the “negative nature” of some of the feedback he’s been receiving, which is a total and utter shame.

Due to the negative nature of some messages That I’ve gotten from some Ireland based individuals whom think I should let...

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But before that, Josh shared on September 6 a video entitled “5 Lies told about the Emerald Isles.” (We know, it’s Emerald Isle, but we’ll excuse Josh if only for his enthusiasm.)

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In the video, which you can watch below, Josh dons an array of Irish football jerseys and says he “experienced the best time of my life in Dublin.”

Below are the “lies” that Josh said he felt he’s been fed his whole life, and what Ireland is actually like:

"All the men in Ireland are short with red hair and they’re real frail"

"Bruh," says Josh, "I met men 6’5 270 lbs that look like he can eat buildings and eat cars when he’s walking outside. Fellas, you do not want no Irish men coming to America, because every one of them will give Thor a run for his money.”

"All Irish people do is drink"

Josh swiftly shuts down this stereotype by pointing to Irish people's undeniable work ethic, both in their careers and in sports: "If it came between having a job and having a drink, no drink would ever be had. Those folks WORK.”

"Ireland is old-fashioned"

‘Do you know the tech companies that are starting in Ireland? Do you know the advancements that they are making in Ireland?," said Josh, before proclaiming, "Ireland is the real Atlantis!"

"All the Irish care about is St. Patrick’s Day"

"Of course St. Paddy’s Day is a huge day and a huge understanding, but the country of Ireland is so much more than St. Patrick’s Day," says Josh, who goes on to compare Irish people to the Care Bears:  “Everybody in Ireland is really a Care Bear, they care about every single thing that’s going on.”

"Ireland can’t be that beautiful"

Reflecting on his plane's descent over the Irish countryside, Josh said: "It will take your breath, your soul, your bowel movements away from you." He even goes on to tout Ireland as a cure for everything from anxiety, to migraines, to dry mouth.

Josh closes out his video diplomatically saying ‘Dubs Up’ and ‘Up the Kingdom' as Dublin and Kerry will replay the All-Ireland Senior Football Final on September 15 after the initial match, that Josh attended in Croke Park courtesy of Tourism Ireland, concluded in a draw.

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Check out Josh’s video here:

5 Lies told about the Emerald Isles

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