Renowned GAA pundit and All Ireland winner Joe Brolly has revealed that he received a "belated wedding gift" from US President Joe Biden after marrying Biden's distant cousin last August.

Joe Brolly posted a picture of a pair of cufflinks with the presidential seal on Twitter, adding that he had received them from "the big guy", that being President Joe Biden.

"Belated wedding present just arrived from the big guy," Brolly wrote on Twitter on Wed, Feb 8, 2023. 

Brolly tied the knot with Biden's distant cousin Laurita Blewitt last August. 

Blewitt previously revealed that she invited the US President to the wedding but said Biden had to decline. 

Belated wedding present just arrived from the big guy.

— Joe Brolly (@JoeBrolly1993) February 8, 2023

"We were both with him for St. Patrick’s Day at the White House, so of course we invited him personally and the invitation followed up," Blewitt told the Irish Mirror last September. 

"It turned out he had Covid anyway, so he wouldn’t have been able to come but he thought it would have been ridiculous for him to come. It would have been too much security detail and all the rest of it." 

Blewitt conceded that it "would have been a nightmare" if Biden had attended the wedding due to the number of secret service agents that would be required to attend. 

She added that planning for a wedding is "hard enough" without having to accommodate the President of the United States. 

Brolly and Blewitt were married in an intimate ceremony at the Ice House Hotel in Ballina, County Mayo,  in August 2022. 

Blewitt is a third cousin of President Biden, whose distant ancestors emigrated from County Mayo during the 19th century. 

Joe Biden's great-grandfather, Edward Blewitt, was born in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland, and immigrated to the United States in the mid-1800s. Biden's own grandfather, Joseph Biden Sr., was also born in Ballina, and he and Edward Blewitt were brothers. Biden has visited Ballina several times over the years and has maintained a close connection with his Irish roots.