There's the concept of a supermarket sweep, then there's the Irish when faced with the prospect of stocking up for unusual weather.

With the country on high alert about Storm Emma, the Beast from the East, or whatever you want to call it - panic mentality has set in and the shelves of grocery stores nationwide have been left almost bare. 

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Irish people in the supermarket eyeing the bare shelves and each other up. The tension. The barely contained early medieval trolley raiding instinct.

— Vox Hiberionacum (@VoxHib) February 26, 2018

Empty shelves all over the country 👀#BeastFromTheEast

— Today FM (@TodayFM) February 26, 2018

So, good to see the people of Portmarnock are prepared for #TheBeastFromTheEast. This is the bread shelf of Dunnes. 😂😂😂

— Dave Moore (@DaveTodayFM) February 26, 2018

Bread shelves looking bare in Tullow, must be bad weather coming😂

On a serious note though it’s good to see people taking notice of the weather warnings

— Carlow Weather (@CarlowWeather) February 26, 2018

Had to go shopping, busy on tour tomorrow. Milk almost gone. Bread shelves nearly empty. #EveryoneIsBunkeringIn 🙀🌨☃️

— Patricia Scanlan (@patriciascanl18) February 26, 2018

Absolute cringe of Irish people decimating supermarket bakery aisles every time there's a hint of bad weather coming in. It's gonna snow a little this week, it isn't the apocalypse. #StormEmma

— Eoin Costigan (@Cozmosiss) February 26, 2018

Are people panicking? Yes the are...#emptyshelves

— Jennifer Stevens (@JenStevensDub) February 26, 2018

Shelves empty, I'm too late😁 #BeastoftheEast

— Sarah Kavanagh Lord (@Sarahkl) February 26, 2018

Amidst all of this checkout chaos, one entrepreneurial character has taken to (a Craigslist-style resale website) to advertise a half-used loaf of bread. Judging by the pictures above, the fear is real. 

"Can sell by the slice, Drone delivery €80 in the local parish depending on visibility," the tongue-in-cheek advert reads.

In a mere four hours, the post made by "Mark from Wexford" has amassed over 3,000 views.

Well, how much would you pay for a toastie if the supermarket shelves were stripped?