Who knew a bat into an Irish house could cause such a hilarious episode? One year on and we're still chuckling away watching this video. 

It has been a year since this side-splitting video went viral of an Irish dad attempting to remove a flying bat from his kitchen, set to the hilarious commentary from his chronically useless son.

“He’s making a mockery out of you, boy,” the man shouts as he watches his father battle with the nocturnal creature first from the safety of the other end of the room and then from behind the glass door into the kitchen when the near brushes with the bat get too much for him to handle.

Decked out in a pair of shorts and some knee-high socks, “Batdad”, as his son calls him, makes some haphazard leaps into the air with a small towel in an attempt to reach the bat and to stop the poor creature from manically flying around the house, while his son and wife watch on from a safe distance. He slowly opens up the towel as the attempts to capture the small scared animal appear to become more futile.

Even taking to a kitchen chair, it all gets too much for the poor dog who loses control of his bladder amidst all the hollering and shrieking, much to the amusement of the man capturing the video who is still barking words of criticism mixed with encouragement to his brave dad.

“You’re tiring him out,” the man proclaims. “He’s like McGregor, he’s got no legs left.”

The man behind the video eventually re-emerges once more only to bring the roof down screaming when he believes the bat lands on him.

The moment the bat is eventually captured is not shown (although it is promised that it was not harmed in the incident) and the father can be seen dusting off his hands delighted with himself after letting it fly from the towel out the back door.

We’d like to think we’d be a little bit braver in this situation but even the thought of the bat flying towards through the computer screen is making us want to run for cover. Fair play, Batdad!

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