Relatives asked Claire Dunne, from Westmeath, to make an angel in the snow, but Dunne didn’t quite know what she was doing as you can see in the video.

Dunne’s sister-in-law Mel Gillespie posted the video back in March 2018, which has since gone viral, with more than 200k views on YouTube.

Gillespie told the Irish Examiner: “Claire is always looking for a challenge and I was talking to her about how much the kids love doing snow angels.”

She added, “I honestly thought from her confidence that she knew how to do one and I knew it’d be funny to film it but not in a million years did I expect that she’d end up doing it completely arseways!”

“She‘s an absolute character. Claire's always up for a laugh,” Mel added.

Watch the video here!

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* Originally published in March 2018.