Did you know that aside from making you smell good, Irish Spring Soap has a number of weird uses for around the house?

Check out the list of household hacks for Irish Spring Soap here!

1. Patch Small Holes

Got some holes in your walls from hanging pictures? Try rubbing a bar of Irish Spring Soap over the hole which will act as a sort of calking. Not recommended for large jobs, but it certainly works in a pinch! You can paint over your soap calk afterward.

2. Heal bug bites

If you rub some Irish Spring soapy water on a bug bite and let it dry, the bug bite should stop itching.

3. Repel pests and deer

We humans may love it, but a lot of animals detest the smell of Irish Spring Soap. Try grating up some soap and making a barrier around your garden to keep pests out, or to keep deer out, try hanging pieces of the soap around your garden from posts. Animals will steer clear of Irish Spring!

4. Lubricate zippers

No one likes a jammed-up zipper. Rub a small piece of Irish Spring Soap over a tricky zipper to help it glide smoothly.

5. Deodorize shoes, laundry, and suitcases

Irish Spring Soap doesn’t only smell good in the shower! Stick a piece of the soap in stinky shoes, your dirty laundry hampers, or your suitcase to not only prevent musty smells but to also add a refreshing fragrance.

6. Make a pin cushion

Wrap a piece of soap in cloth and use it as a pincushion. Sticking the needles in the soap will help them glide smoothly through fabric.

7. Create an air freshener 

This trick works great in small spaces like your car or bedroom. Hide a piece of Irish Spring Soap in a plastic baggie under a seat in your car, or place it in an open jar to have your bedroom smelling fresh.

8. Calm restless legs 

Now, this is certainly a weird one, but lots of people swear by it! If you have restless leg syndrome when you’re trying to sleep, try putting a bar of Irish Spring Soap in your bedsheets. Apparently, it helps calms legs.

9. Stop a squeaky door

Got a door that just won’t stop squeaking? Rub the door joints with Irish Spring Soap to help the joints work not only smoother but also more quietly!

10. De-fog a mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall … Irish Spring is the fairest of them all! After cleaning your bathroom mirrors, rub a bar of Irish Spring Soap over the clean dry surface, and then buff away with a cloth to prevent fog during your next shower.

Check out this vintage 1978 Irish Spring Soap commercial - how far they’ve come!

*Originally published November 2018. Updated March 2023.