The Irish certainly have a way with words, even when it comes to insults!

Irish people seem to have an abundance of words for making each other feel bad about themselves. So much so, that even we lose track of what they all really mean.

Ever laughed along when an Irish person has called you a strange name, unsure whether you’re being insulted or complimented?

These Irish people are here to save your blushes, explaining all the insults unique to the Emerald Isle and setting you up with a few retorts for next time you’re called an eejit.

The YouTube channel 'Facts.' took to St. Stephen’s Green shopping center in Dublin's city center back in 2015 to ask these passers-by to explain the art of the Irish insult and how exactly to distinguish between the likes of a pox and a gowl.

Make sure you’re not left looking the amadán by brushing up on your Irish insult skills with this video.

H/T: Facts./YouTube

*Originally published in 2015. Updated in July 2023.