Most of us have been there. Wandering aimlessly to the store to buy groceries after a night on the town with a desperate need for food to put you back together again. Add to this your restricted budget from buying one too many the night before, and you’ve got the situation Irish lad, Liam Mulligan, found himself in as he traipsed to his local grocery store, Lidl in the Dublin suburb of Ranelagh, and picked up a multi-pack of Creme Eggs to ease the pain. Thus began what he describes as “one of the worst days of my life.”

“A day thats tragic doom was realized because of a grave error on your part. The day was Sunday the 22nd of February. The hangover was evident, nearly as evident as the frighteningly low balance in my bank account.”

Self-confessed Creme Egg lover Liam (is there any Irish person who isn’t a fan?) was left heartbroken by the revelation that his star purchase had, in fact, only carried four eggs instead of five that should have been in the pack. A whole egg short of curing his hangover. And this was on top of the recent, devastating decision by the chocolate supplier to reduce the number of eggs in a multipack from six to five – he was two eggs short of the traditional multipack.

“The gloom was yet to arrive however. As I settled down to return to my Netflix marathon of ‘Community’ I opened the box of creme eggs, so excited was I that I forgot to put the refrigerated items in the fridge. But it was too late for that. The chicken could go off for all I cared, at that moment I had an extremely good value five pack of Cadbury's creme eggs in my hand which I was about to triumphantly devour unashamedly. Then with the same crushing blow as was felt was New Zealand scored that heart wrenching last minute try to beat Ireland in 2013, I opened the box to reveal only FOUR CREME EGGS.”

The disappointment overwhelmed Liam to such an extent that he felt impelled to tell Cadbury the tale and his emotional and heartfelt essay is a classic example of just how much love our country has for those small sugary treats of Cadbury deliciousness.

As he says, “I have far too much respect for creme egg as a product and Cadbury as a company. I wrote you this letter because I think this obviously not intentional on your part but there is clearly also a flaw in the system which needs to be rectified in order to avoid this happening again.”

“That is unless you were teaming up with Lidl to persecute me for my trip to buy food in Aldi last week. IT WAS ONE TIME.”

The recent controversial recipe change where Cadbury’s chocolate is not used in eggs and the switch in multipacks is not set to affect the U.S. consumer as Hershey’s ban on Cadbury’s chocolate continues.