While some drone owners have been using their flying machines to capture stunning vistas, one Irish lad used his drone to "rescue" someone who had allegedly become trapped in his bathroom.

Last week, coolkidirish posted a video to YouTube showing the creative way he utilized his drone.

“They were unable to get the door lock to open from the inside," says the YouTuber, whose video 'Key Rescue' has gotten nearly 60,000 views.

He said that they could not slide the key under the door because of a draft stopper.

He then used his DJI Phantom to hover outside a small upstairs window, allowing his friend inside to tie the bathroom key to a long piece of twine attached to the drone. The drone’s camera captured the elaborate rescue mission.

"We successfully retrieved the key and opened it from the outside for her," says coolkidirish. "Mission success!"

Source: Mashable