Old at 40? According to some of these kids we are. YouthTuber asked a group of Irish children all about being old and their answers are not always too pleasant.

“No old people are useful at all,” claims Benjy. That’s a statement to remember next time he’s looking for pocket money or for a ride to practice, and it doesn’t get much better. According to this group, old people are smelly, slow, serious, superstitious, and even their dance moves receive a battering. Children can be so cruel.

At least all our life experience makes us good story-tellers in our old age and, of course, all of the kids have a special place in their heart for their grannies.

YouthTuber is an Irish YouTube channel that allows Irish kids to have their say in a fun way. So far the kids have given us their opinions on America (donuts are mentioned a lot), going to Mars and superheroes.

It’s enough to make you want to stay young forever.

H/T: Examiner.ie