Proving that you’re only as old as you feel, a group of patients, staff and guests at Our Lady’s Hospice, in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, performed a flashmob to the old cheesy classic, the Macarena. It's racking up tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

The flashmob was organized to mark Positive Ageing Week, which, led by the International Council on Active Aging, celebrates aging and active living. This crowd definitely have the right idea.

Staff at the hospice start off the dance to the 1990s dancefloor favorite, by Los del Rio, then the young-at-heart residents join in with gusto. Among the movers you can see residents dancing from their wheelchairs and behind their walking frames and front and center is a nun 'giving it socks.' 

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A spokeswoman for the hospice, Jeanne McDonagh, told the Irish Examiner that 24 patients and 10 staff had been secretly practicing the surprise. She said, “They were doing dance classes as part of an independent living program to help them keep living well.”

She added, “They really enjoy it and the ‘Macarena’ is particularly popular, so they decided to do this for Positive Ageing Week.

“They just jumped up at lunchtime and started moving and then everyone started joining in. It was really wonderful and really typical of the hospice, it is such a warm, happy place — they really celebrate life here.”

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