You’re at the final hurdle. You’ve made it to the church on time, managed not to stumble over your vows and haven’t spilled gravy all over your new bride’s beautiful white dress.

All that’s left is to stand in front of all your family and friends and make one of the most important speeches of your life (which will also be captured in the wedding video to remind you of any fumbles for ever and ever) before you can wrap up the formalities, ditch the tie and hit the bar/dance-floor. Easy…

Well, one Irish groom makes it look exactly that by transforming his after-dinner speech into a sweet performance for his wife.

Down man Aidan Johnston closed out his speech by grabbing a guitar and serenading his new wife Claire with the tale of their lives together so far, all set to the tune of the classic song “American Pie”.

Things weren’t all plain sailing for the pair, however. Aidan and Claire met in in Belfast in 2008 through a mutual friend but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, Claire said. Thankfully it all worked out for poor persistent Aidan however and he wowed all in attendance with a song “of initial unrequited love, perseverance, a romantic proposal and a declaration of lifelong commitment.”

“One minute he was talking and the next thing he was presented with a guitar! My heart was in my mouth - ‘what are you doing?’” said Claire.

“But what transpired was one of the most beautiful, touching, funny and sincere things I have ever seen. Everyone was dumbstruck!”

“I am incredibly proud of what he did.”