As parents and grandparents get older, many look forward to the moment they get to watch their beloved son (or grandson) or daughter (or granddaughter) walk down the aisle, fearing that if their progeny don’t get a move on, they may themselves miss out on this important family moment.

That was certainly true for one Irish grandparent who was so concerned they wouldn’t get to see their grandson happily married before they passed away, they took the matter into their own hands and put together a lonely-hearts ad in Ireland's Own, a popular Irish magazine.

The young man's 89-year-old grandparent caused quite a stir with a glowing recommendation for him under the headline “Sydney Calling.”

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Highlighting all of the best things about their grandson, the personal ad also outlined what his grandparent feels he would want from a wife, even asking for a photo, so there must be some physical requirements, too.

“My grandson is 25-years-old, handsome clever, good sense of humour, works (European/Irish/UK), wife wanted for him with photo,” the ad reads.

“Must be moral, loving, kind, want large family, love, happiness.

“[I] want him settled. I’m now 89 years.”

Unfortunately we know nothing more about this young man, or whether he knows about the efforts his grandparent is going to find him a wife. With a family as caring as this, however, he can’t be all that bad!

When people ask me why I buy @irelandsown2014, I just show them personal ads like these.

— Darragh Doyle (@darraghdoyle) August 1, 2016

One of Ireland’s oldest magazines, Ireland’s Own is a weekly family magazine first published in 1902. Ireland's Own is often criticized for being out-of-date, old-fashioned and too reliant on nostalgia with a focus on lightweight content, traditional stories, and uncontroversial family content. It's likely that the magazine’s readers are above the age-range this grandparent has in mind for in a wife for their grandson, but with the help of its further distribution on social media, a match may be on the horizon for the mysterious “Sydney Calling.”

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H/T: Irish Independent