An Irish flight attendant has revealed shocking secrets of her job on YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf’s latest video.

The air hostess faces backwards for the five and a half minute interview so as not to be identified confessed what annoys her the most about passengers, the Daily Mail reports.

Describing passengers as dirty b*******' and 'vile creatures,’ air hostess ‘Mary’ says that finding used condoms and being handed dirty diapers are some of the most disgusting things she has ever come across during her job.

“Please don’t put your baby on a row of three seats, whip off its sh***y nappy and when we come round with the bin, try and hand it to us. Sorry, like are you okay?” she says.

“Do not leave bio-hazard waste in the seat pocket. I literally went to do a security check and went to take out rubbish and there was something squidgy.

“My finger was wet [and] a f****** dirty b******* had left a used condom.”

Riyadh, who has 95,000 followers on his YouTube channel, Riyadh K, then asks her if she has ever had sex with a pilot and if she believes that they get a lot of sex because of their job.

Mary said: “Yes. I have had sex with a pilot.

“Have you seen a pilot’s Tinder profile? Oh my god, cockpit selfie, literally drop your knickers now please. 

“And they’re married, they have kids, like you know – it’s so bold.”

They go on to speak about joining the mile high club, and the best way to get away with having sex on a plane without being caught.

Mary explains: “If you’re lucky enough to be on a flight to New York or Orlando, they’re bigger planes. There is more toilets, there is more little access routes, you know you can be sneaky. 

“There is a few toilets that are joined together by latches. So if you find the switch to unlock the latch and you know, join the two toilets together…”

Mary then reveals that she once dropped a passengers food on the floor and put it back on the tray before serving it to them because they were rude.

Riyadh asks her: “When you’re on an airplane and you come across a passenger that you f****** hate, or a passenger that you absolutely love and you want to have fun with in the bathroom, is there any sort of secret language you use with other flight attendants, sign language or something?”

Mary said: “There is this amazing system that we have and you can send individual messages to every seat.

“There was once a hot guy in my section so I just said, I’m going to go for this – I’m going to grab it by its horns. 

“Went up and sent to his screen ‘Hey handsome, I’m the blonde that just served you your white wine, see you later.’ 

“And then in the baggage hall we met up and hooked up later.”

She is then asked for tips on how passengers can be upgraded for free into first class. Mary insists that moaning or saying you're engaged is “annoying” and does not help.

“If you look the part, play the part, you’re in a suit, you dress really well, you have more of a chance. 

“Saying ‘we’ve just got engaged, we’re so excited’ or ‘omg my screen wasn’t working, my pre-ordered meal wasn’t there, my bag got lost’ it's B***s*** like.”

When asked what passengers do that annoys her the most, Mary says that the worst thing is when people push their button and it's not an emergency - despite the fact that the button is for service.

She adds: “No, I’m not your slave, I mean if you have a big order and you’re going to give me lots of commission, maybe I might do it but like, you know, you’re free G and T? Go away.”