An Irish father has become a viral sensation for his hilarious footage of a trip to Las Vegas.

The secret to his success?

He didn’t know he was on camera.

Poor Joseph Griffin was on a trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas and eager to film as much of his time in Sin City as possible to show his friends and family once he landed back in Ireland.

He borrowed a GoPro camera from his son Evan and set it up on a selfie stick so the folks back home would get a perfect view of every sight he came across as he explored all the city has to offer.

Unfortunately for Joseph, however, he failed to brush up on his camera skills with his son before starting out filming and, as a result, recorded the whole trip in selfie mode capturing nothing but his face.

Attempting to show off the view from his hotel room, the interior of various famous hotels and a trip on the monorail among other tourist adventures, he was unaware that all the small camera was picking up was his own face.

Not willing to let his Dad’s big mistake remain a family joke, Evan uploaded the subsequent continuous selfie through Vegas to YouTube and the video has racked up massive 6.1 million views in five days.

Be prepared for Dad jokes, lots of laughing, complaints about the heat and the Irish man’s fantastic facial reactions and comments to all that he sees.

It still looks like Joseph had great craic and a thoroughly enjoyable holiday, despite his little camera mishap, and just seeing that puts a smile on our faces anyway. We’d definitely watch more selfie travel videos from him!