There's a saying in America “Go big or go home” and that’s exactly what Donegal construction worker in New York, Niall Gillespie, did.

He even roped in some crane workers too (pardon the pun).

This may be the biggest Irish Ice Bucket Challenge, in aid of ALS, and this one is made even more special as it takes place on a half-built New York skyscraper.

Gillespie and his friend Henrique Almeida nominate their friends, and another construction worker douses them in water, but then the brave Irishman says, “I think we need a bigger bucket.”

Within seconds a construction-grade bucket of ice water is lowered in over the building the pair are soaked, all with the beautiful skyline of the Big Apple as their backdrop.

In the "About" section for the video, which now has over 7,000 views on YouTube, Gillespie wrote:

“Thanks to Conor for the nomination for the Ice Bucket Challenge for this great charity. Thanks to Henrique Almeida for taking the plunge with me, and to Paddy (Hazel) & Billy for organizing the bucket(s)!!!”

Meanwhile, Irish ladies in New York City are equally owning the #IceBucketChallenge. Four Roscommon girls got Time Square's Naked Cowboy in on the act. The scantily-clad, guitar-playing icon gives a musical prelude as the girls complete the challenge and nominate the next participants: