If you’re searching for the perfect Irish gift for a young one (or for one who’s young at heart), we recommend these authentic Irish teddy bears, each with their own Irish name, personality, and sweet backstory. 

Paddy Pals is a County Down-based company making gorgeous Irish teddy bears. The legend of the Paddy Pals states that they are the last of the wild Irish Teddy Bears who live deep in the Mountains of Mourne.

Here’s a charming look at what they’ll be doing as they await the best Christmas gift a bear could ask for - a loving new home. Make it happen with Paddy Pals' special Cyber Monday discount code: TN115800

“There is nothing the Paddy Pals like more than going into hibernation for a long sleep to get them through the cold winters on the Mountains of Mourne. But won’t be doing that until they celebrate Christmas, their favorite time of year. They eat, dance and sing and tell each other tall tales of Christmas past and they can’t wait to open their presents on Christmas morning. 

But the gift they really want is for you to welcome them into your home so that they can become part of your family and be your best friend forever and a day. They wish that your holidays be merry and bright this festive season as you celebrate with your new friends the Paddy Pals.

While they wait on their new home Páraic the Farmer will keep producing all the food, and the tasty honey that all the bears love while Finn the Fisherman is out at sea catching fish. Róisín the Colleen will stroll through the village singing her stories while Lizzie the Dancer jigs and reels all day long. Logan the Piper plays his Irish bagpipes, keeping the bears entertained while Molly the Weaver weaves the baskets and furniture for all the bears. And of course, James the Poet who recites his tales of Celtic woe.”

Each bear is shipped direct to your door from Paddy Pals HQ in County Down Ireland, with free shipping. They are ideal for anyone looking for an Irish type gift but are also a very high-quality cute product that anyone would be delighted to have this Christmas. They are ideal for children from 36 months, adults and collectors or as a gift from one partner to another and they appeal to all ages.

Paddy Pals offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that someone won’t be satisfied with their purchase. Importantly, they have been tested safe and conform to EU EN71. These large charming Irish teddy bears are made with all new synthetic materials and they sit 30cm / 12 in. tall (38cm / 15 in. from top to toes), have either soft brown or white fur and feature the Paddy Pals motif on their pad.

For more information, visit the Paddy Pals website and don't forget to use the Cyber Monday discount code: TN115800