Baseball is to America as hurling is to Ireland. Entire cultures and diehard fans revolve around each. And though it may be hard to imagine, both sports appear nonsensical to some other cultures.

Take it from these Irish people making sense of baseball fans: “What’s with all the swinging of the t-shirts? Is that some sort of signal? There’s a lot of code going on here.”

And then a comparison of hurling to American sports: “It’s like field hockey, except they beat the crap out of each other.”

“It moves a lot faster. And it seems to have less rules, and less protection. And more violence.”

Here’s how the Americans tackle the hurling point system: “There’s a zero, a dash, and then two zeros, with a zero three. So, did they make a goal?”

And vice versa: “I think the ones on the left, where it says 0-0, that’s the main point. So you have to get a few of those other ones on the right, the small points, and then you get a big point.”

Pretty funny. See for yourself: