The All-Ireland Wife Carrying Championships are open for all those who seek to experience the Viking-era challenge, which was meant then as a means to protect one’s wife from an enemy onslaught.

The Newry Times wrote that the competition was open for those couples who believe they can withstand the test of a relentlessly tough course at the Dalriada Festival. If one can hardly put up with their wife as it is, it is safe to say they should tread carefully when lifting them up!

This year’s festivities will take place at Glenarm Castle, Co. Antrim, on the 14th and 15th of July.

The games will take place as part of the Dalriada Festival

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This is a fairly new tradition for the Dalriada Festival, having only been introduced last year as a championship. In last year’s competition, as it was reported, the competitiveness and overall success of the race made the organizers feel compelled to have it again the following year.

Registration is free, but competitors should be warned that it is not for the faint of heart. One can hold their wife up in a number of different ways as long as they cross the finish line, but if they drop them, there will ultimately be penalties.

The lucky winners will get to fly off on a vacation to Venice, Italy, which will be sponsored by NFU Mutual Ballyclare and Larne. The Vikings, however, were much less fortunate.


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Adrian Morrow, Managing Director for Glenarm Castle spoke to the Newry Times and felt, “Adding the wife carrying championships to our already packed schedule of fun-filled activities at the Dalriada Festival has added a new dimension to audience participation. It’s a thrilling run with an element of risk and we think that’s why it’s so popular among festival goers.”

Next month’s festival, in addition to carrying wives, will feature a wide-range of musical talent such as the Co. Antrim pipe band championships, as well as guest performers like General Fiasco, Alabama 3, and many others.

For all the couples out there, would you sign up?

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