Ireland is experiencing its hottest summer since the 1970s.

At a sweltering 27 degrees Celsius (80°F), a housing estate located near Carlow town recorded the top temperature during Ireland's recent heatwave.

According to weather watchdog Met Eireann, it's only going to get hotter this week. In fact, a status orange fire warning is even in place as temperatures could creep up to 30 degrees Celsius this week.

As always - we can rely on the Irish to broadcast their inadvertently hilarious opinions towards the weather on social media.... after all, remember how they reacted to Storm Emma?!

Scroll down for some of our favorite one-liners!

It is very hot 28C in Kildare. Grass short and dying. I know milk is lower in quality because of the grass shortage. Barley dying in the fields. How do you profit from the coming famine?

— James Dean (@Lilydog12) June 25, 2018 

it’s been so hot please god make it rain non-stop tomorrow i love the rain so much please god

— elisha ❁ (@kehloko) June 25, 2018 

I’m lying in the sun getting toasted and it’s fucking unreal I need to live somewhere it’s sunny and hot every day

— caoimhe 💕 (@fatalbrat) June 24, 2018 

This greeted me when I got home, I thought there had been a terrible accident. Closer inspect proved he was so hot he just lay down.

— Sue - Lilesosanna Flower (@Lile_sosanna) June 25, 2018 

Grand drying out there!
Waiting for someone to say - "it's too hot" 😂😂 😎❤️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

— irishminibreaks (@irishminibreaks) June 25, 2018

Every Ma In Ireland this week “ah it’s too bleeding hot to be cooking a dinner in this weather”.

— Emma Farrell (@EmFarr93) June 25, 2018 

Wats d odds if u take off ur dress & just sit in ur bikini on a overly hot bus u wud get arrested? Asking for a friend #heatwave

— anastacia C (@lilmizzirish) June 25, 2018 

Spare a thought for all the people from #RoomtoImprove sweating and squinting in massive glass boxes today

— Annie West (@anniewestdotcom) June 25, 2018 

hate the way it gets a bit warm and suddenly everyone has an opinion on what you wear like ‘are you not roasting in that?’ no Karen if i was I wouldn’t be wearing it

— hollie (@quitcolleen) June 25, 2018 

You're letting the heat in.

— irishmammies (@irishmammies) June 25, 2018

Lads, it’s feckin’ roasting. Might create a Ginger’s-only parasol for the solidarity.

— Niecy O'Keeffe (@NiecyOKeeffe) June 22, 2018

Seriously lads, I'm QWAAAZY from the heat! I'm not BUILT FOR THIS!!!

— Marian Keyes (@MarianKeyes) June 25, 2018

*pours one out for all the Irish gingers who’ve spontaneously combusted in the heat today

— FᎪᎢ ᏩᎪNᎠᎪᏞF (@sofarrsogud) June 25, 2018

okay sun you were nice for half an hour but now I’m sweating buckets

— nicole (@nicolekellyy) June 25, 2018 

Getting shade from the heat

— IrelandsFarmers (@IrelandsFarmers) June 23, 2018 

PSA: Dear Dublin South, I am on a hot bus with a camembert in my bag.

— (@ProperFood_ie) June 25, 2018 

I’m sweating like a menopausal woman and my dad made me tea. Like are you trying to kill me 😵

— Kellyann (@smallfrydiva) June 24, 2018 

Chub Rub Weather

— Dublin Girlo (@dublin_girlo) June 23, 2018