An inflatable Irish pub? It's everything an adult birthday party needs

First, we told you about the 'The Shebeen,' a new pub on wheels. Now, meet "The Paddy Wagon," an inflatable Irish bar you can rent for your big next event.

Inflatable Irish pubs are taking off it seems!

Back in 2015, founders Michael McNamara and Eoghan "Owen" Cahill launched The Paddy Wagon website and have been booking graduation parties, birthday celebrations, and weddings ever since.

The Boston-based business can also provide traditional Irish food, Irish drinks and entertainment, including traditional Irish music bands, Irish dancers, and real Irish wolfhounds!

“Irish pubs are known all over the globe as being the most fun, entertaining and welcoming bars in the world,” says co-founder Cahill.

“So, we wanted to take this one step further and bring this authentic Irish bar experience to people’s backyard.”

Cahill told BostInno they believed the inflatable pub idea should be brought to the United States.

“The idea for The Paddy Wagon came from inflatable pubs that are very popular in Europe. We thought that it would be a good idea for America, and what better city to start the company in than Boston. A group of friends came together to develop a business plan and three months later our first inflatable bar arrived on American soil. We take the hassle out of having a party and add something so unique to make your event extra special,” he said.

“The outside of the bar looks like a traditional Irish pub complete with fake brick walls and a thatched roof. We also offer seating for outside and inside. The inside also looks like a proper bar including windows, two doors, a fake fireplace, tables, and a full bar where alcohol can be served from. In addition to all of this, we have a beer garden area at the front of the pub, so you can take your drinks outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. This really is like renting your own pub for a full day.”

He went on to explain what made The Paddy Wagon so unique.

“What makes the Paddywagon different is that it’s the one-stop deal. As mentioned earlier, we bring the authentic Irish bar experience into your backyard. You can just rent the structure and throw your own party or you can avail of our services including drink advisory, bartenders, food and entertainment. We can cater for a small party right through to a large corporate event. And once the party is over, we clean everything up and leave, we really take the effort out of having a party at your house.”

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*Originally published in July 2015.