The inflatable Irish pub craze has come to the United States, Boston to be exact.

Companies in Ireland report a roaring trade for the inflatable pubs especially given the novelty impact.

Now bouncy pubs are here in the US  featuring fake thatch and old wooden doors.

Eoghan Cahill is the Irish businessman in Boston who is hoping to cash in by renting out the pub for corporate events family gatherings and backyard parties.

The huge air filled pub can actually hold 70 people the Boston Globe reports.

“It’s designed like a bar with a fake fireplace. But we’ll bring the tables and chairs,” said Dublin-born Cahill who moved to Boston ten years ago.

The tavern will be called the Paddy Wagon Pub, which might raise some eyebrows as the term is sometimes considered derisive

Cahill disagrees “It’s a terminology that has been used for awhile, and we aren’t using it in the context of the vans police used,” he told the Globe.

Special offers that come with the pub include Irish dancers, Irish wolfhound dogs and Irish music perfect for an Irish themed party.“We are trying to offer different alternatives to make the events more fun. But basically, people will call us and ask for an estimate on an event and we would provide the pub and do all the groundwork behind it,” Cahill said.

“I was talking to someone back in Ireland and they suggested it would be a good business opportunity in the states,” Cahill said. “We just wanted to test the market. But Boston will be the birthplace in the country.”

Cahill is hoping to franchise the business if it works. “We wanted to bring over one first and see how this goes for the start,” he said.