Last week we brought you a clip of Americans trying to label the British Isles on a map. Well, this week it’s pay back. It turns out that the Irish don’t know the geography of their own small island all that well.

The good folks at Facts. asked “Do you know where Leitrim is on a map? Are you sure?” And, well, it turns out that none of the good people interviewed in Temple Bar, in Dublin, knew anything about Leitrim. Although some of them could find it on a map.

The video is pretty funny, but it also brings up a few questions about how we see ourselves, each county in Ireland. From the interviewees' comments apparently Cavan people are mean with money, Wexford is a holiday spot with great strawberries and Galway is where we keep our culture.

The best line of this video has to be from the girl who knows Galway only for the city's good student parties. She asked if Leitrim was “the ones that voted 'No,'" referring to the Marriage Equality referendum in May. But no, she was wrong about that too. That was Roscommon.

Do you think you could do any better?

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