Looking for the perfect Irish gift for the man in your life this Christmas? Whether it’s your father, brother, partner or even your best pal IrishCentral might have the answer. It can be a stressful time leading up to the holidays especially when it comes to finding a present so here are some helpful suggestions which you can buy from our IrishCentral shop. All of these gifts are sure to be a stocking filler triumph. From beanies to slippers we have you covered from head to toe.

Guinness Backpack, $18.95

This versatile backpack is ideal for every hidden adventurer. With padded straps and its ventilated mesh material this backpack is ideal for all the seasons. The roomy interior will give the holder optimum space to pack everything he needs, whether it’s for work or travel. The Guinness logo is easily recognizable and gives it its quality mark.

Guinness Slippers, $19.95

These slippers are ideal for any dad or grandad to relax in on a chilly morning. These super soft, one size fits all feet cozies will definitely keep the frostbite away this Christmas. The fact that they look like you’re walking around in two lovely crisp pints of Guinness is only a plus.

Gentlemen’s Hand Knit Aran Sweater, $199.99

Is there anything warmer than an Aran sweater? These are a traditional favorite back in Ireland and recognized around the world for their quality and warmth. Each hand-crafted sweater has certainly got an Irish feel, with a durability that will last way longer than any cold snap.

Guinness Pouring Spoon, $8.99

Do you like Guinness? Do you also like to mix Guinness with other Irish favorites like Smithwicks or Harp and come up with a new unique drink? Then this is the gift you didn’t know you needed but always secretly wanted. Drinks like a Black and Tan (Guinness and Pale Ale), Half and Half (Guinness and Lager), and Black Velvet (Guinness and Champagne) are fan favorites both at home and in all the Irish bars in the United States and now you can bring that goodness home.

Men’s Fisherman Aran Cardigan with Collar, $99.99

Shawl collar cardigans are about as classic as they come for men, especially the heavy wool ones which somehow read as both rugged and cozy. A perfect gift for the boyfriend or a Dad (or any awesome man in your life), we love the shawl collar here, and the merino wool which is ultra-soft yet durable. A layering essential for winter, our fisherman Aran cardigan is a keeper!

Men’s Ireland Leprechaun and Shamrock Boxer Shorts, $16.99

Sometimes the best gift is the one that makes you laugh. And these certainly do that. These cheeky boxers will make sure you always have the luck of the Irish behind you.

Galway Pubs Irish Tee Shirt, $18.95

County Galway is one of the most scenic places to visit in Ireland. It is also home to some of the best pubs in Ireland. And with this t-shirt you can always keep them close to your chest. So if the man in your life is missing home over the holidays then this will surely help, as long as he’s from Galway.

Black Ireland 1823 Cadet Hat, $19.99

When style meets comfort and warmth this is the result. This cadet hat will add a classic look to any man old or young. It’s one size fits all so it will have a nice snug feel and leave no room for that pesky wind to grab hold of your man’s precious locks.

Guinness Ireland Pint Glass Two Pack, $24.95

Anyone tired of those “baby” pints of Guinness you get in all the pubs, not like the pint you get back home that’s for sure. This two pack of Guinness Ireland pint glasses will ensure your man and his partner in crime a proper pint of the black stuff at home. We can’t guarantee pubs will allow him to bring in his own pint glasses.

Ireland Travel Mug, $17.99

Is your man always on the move? Does he miss Ireland just that little bit? Then this travel mug will be able to accompany him wherever he goes. Ideal for hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate and all the cold stuff as well, it is the ideal travel companion.

Guinness Ireland Money Clip, $14.99

One of the most ideal items for a man to carry in the US is a money clip. It is ideal for all the cards and cash a modern man carries. In Ireland it is not uncommon to have pockets full of change but in America money clips are a regular feature in any man’s style. It is sturdy and emblazoned with the Guinness quality mark.

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