Nothing better sums up the sense of dread yet utter excitement and joy of being on a roller coaster than the reaction of this Irish woman on her first roller coaster ride, albeit through virtual reality.

Ettie Carroll from Dunmanway in Co. Cork was given the opportunity to try out her grand-nephew’s new school enterprise, a cardboard virtual reality headset that brought her on a roller coaster, and although she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it at all judging by her sometimes foul-mouthed exclamations, that doesn’t mean she’s willing to immediately take it off when her grand-nephew tells her she can.

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Posted by Citosc on Monday, April 18, 2016

“Oh Mother of God, I will have to give this up, Michael,” she claims, questioning again and again whether there are truly things like this constructed around the world for enjoyment.

"Oh Mother of God, I've lost five stone!" she exclaims as she begins to take a look around her during a slow point in the ride.

The beauty of what virtual reality can do is shown as we watch Ettie feel the relief of thinking her wild ride is over and she can put her feet firmly back on solid before the coaster sets off at speed again to shouts of protest from the woman who is in reality sitting safely at her kitchen table.

Ettie’s grandnephew, who can be heard laughing along to her reactions in the background, is part of a student-formed company called Citosc which was started in Dunmanway’s Maria Immaculata Community College, the local high school. The talented young men developed their cardboard headset inspired by Google Cardboard and won a Special Merit Award at the Irish Student Enterprise Awards earlier this week.

We know we’d pay handsomely to enjoy watching all our older relatives taking on the world’s roller coasters, but as for Ettie, we don’t think she’ll be putting herself through this again any time soon.

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