A video poem made by Focus Ireland – a charity that seeks to alleviate homelessness and to help those at risk of losing their homes – asks people what they think “Ireland is.”  The title is based on a poem by Colm Keegan and the five minute video consists of the answers to the question. Focus Ireland hopes this Christmas video will remind people of home and, in doing so, get them to donate to the charity that does so much to help those people without a home of their own.

Below we’ve picked out 12 of our favorites lines!

Ireland is...

1. The official home of rainbow marriage… and also the home of chicken fillet rolls.

2. Where a hug means you’re safe now, you’re home, or “home home.”

3. Where atheists baptize children so they can get an education.

4. A place that puts clothes on the line in November because using the tumble dryer would be a fierce extravagance.

5. Worrying about the person you gave directions to.

6. Where a ‘few naggins’ is the answer to all problems.

7. GAA in September, no drinks in November.

8. Easy to leave, but impossible to escape.

9. Thanking the bus driver for getting us there safe.

10. Cutting the grass because the neighbors did theirs.

11. Your mammy saying “tis far from (insert notiony notion thing here) ye were raised” every time you express an idea that’s not hers.

12. Solving the entire world’s problems one cup of tea at a time.

Which one was your favorite? Can you think of any other things Ireland is to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section.