General Martin Dempsey, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs, has a myriad of achievements and accolades to his name: a 41-year military career culminating in his becoming the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. military; three children and nine grandkids; a Master’s Degree in Irish Literature from Duke University.

But there’s one other, more surprising talent Dempsey possesses – a lovely singing voice.

Dempsey’s crooning ability came to international attention in September of last year, when he concluded his retirement ceremony with a rendition of the famous Irish folk song “The Parting Glass.”

Last month, he surprised and delighted once again following his speech to mark his induction into the Irish America magazine Hall of Fame.

Before a packed room, following speeches by President Bill Clinton, journalist Pete Hamill, astronaut Eileen Collins, and businessman and philanthropist Ed Kenny, General Dempsey took to the podium with all the charm of a seasoned performer.

“Has anyone ever been anywhere in the world where you couldn’t find an Irish pub?” he asked.

“That’s what I thought,” he said as he launched into the rousing High Kings number “The Irish Pub.”

The chorus goes:

“They’ve got one in Honolulu

They’ve got one in Moscow too

They’ve got four of them in Sydney and a couple in Katmandu

So whether you sing or pull a pint

You’ll always have a job

Wherever you go around the world you’ll find an Irish pub!”

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You can also watch General Dempsey’s induction speech below: