You can buy a clod of Irish soil online, or Irish turf for an authentic fire, so it was only a matter of time before this happened. Yes! You can now buy a bottle of Irish rainwater online for $13.

The Irish Rain Water Company is selling “25ml of pure Irish rainwater preserved in a beautiful glass vial and packaged in a sleek aluminum tin." Just what you’ve always needed in your life.

It seems that Irish folks, quite understandably, weren’t sure if this business venture was a joke (some slight at the amount of rain Ireland suffers through) or not. It seems not.

Speaking to the man behind the vials of rainwater said the idea came up over chitchat with his friends and they came up with the idea of Irish rainwater as an idea. He bought the domain name straight away.

He also confirmed that the rainwater is totally legit and comes from his own back garden, “collected in a bucket!”

He’s even admitted that he did have Americans in mind when he came up with the idea. He said “The States is who I had in mind yeah, I think those guys will love it! I checked to make sure we could legally post it just in case, we can so it’s all good.”

Their, really very pretty, site states that the vial of rainwater is the perfect gift to “surprise your family and friends with this unique Irish themed present, it's bound to make them smile.”

And says “wherever you live, we have you covered. Our delivery service ships worldwide.”

The owner also clarified that the reason the vial of rain water costs $13 is that the orders are currently low (the business only launched 2 days ago) and costs remain high.

Well at least we know there’s one man in Ireland praying for rain.

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