As John O’Regan’s parents sat down to watch a slide-show of photos of the newest addition to their family, little did they think they’d see their youngest grandson driving into their own front yard on the big screen.

Corkman John has lived in Australia for the last ten years, where he met his fiancee Claire and where they had their first son, Niall, born just 11 weeks ago.

John and Claire were due to travel home and introduce baby Niall to his grandparents for the first time next week but decided to surprise John’s parents by taking the long journey back to Cork a week early.

Setting his parents up, John created a slide-show which followed the young family as they traveled back from the hospital, as John (and Niall) proposed to Claire and as the trio packed up the car, traveled to the airport, and set off on the journey to Ireland.

Making sure his son’s Rebel County loyalties remain intact despite his Australian birth, John even makes sure that, despite landing in Dublin airport, the first piece of Irish soil that Niall places his foot on is a sod from County Cork.

The look of realization on John’s parents faces as they watch his car travel to Cork from Dublin is incredibly heartwarming and emotional scenes ensue as they greet their newest grandchild to County Cork.

 H/T: Irish Examiner