One Irish traveler caused mayhem for tourists on their way to the Blasket Islands this morning as his car had become lodged in the narrow laneway down to the pier, blocking all access to the boats.

Hoping to camp along the pier in Dunquin, Co. Kerry, and either ignoring or failing to see all the signs saying it was not fit for cars, he made his way down the pedestrian path last night around 9pm. He wasn’t long spiraling down the 200ft above the sea laneway, however, before becoming lodged between the narrow walls without any means of escape.

Spending the night in his car, the driver, who witnesses say is Irish, was eventually discovered by ferry staff this morning who were forced to cancel expeditions to the Islands until the car could be removed. Although he suggested climbing out the window of his car, the driver handed the keys over to staff who let him out through the trunk, for fear he would slip with a sheer drop to the sea from each window.

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A local tractor thankfully came to the rescue of the tourists waiting to see if they could get a ferry around noon and pulled the car back up to safety, opening up the ferry service once more.

"He had great dreams of camping out beside the pier,” Sibéal Ní Lubhaing, of the ferry company, told

"But it all went horribly wrong - he's world famous now at this stage.

"I think it was quite innocent. He just chanced his luck. He was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing."

Known locally as the Sheep’s Walk, the pathway to the pier in Dunquin is notorious for burning out many clutches as foolhardy drivers underestimate the extent of the steep, narrow path.

We hope this driver is fully recovered from the shock and checks himself in to somewhere more comfortable for the night.

H/T: Blasket Island Ferries