Dublin Airport celebrates the magic of Christmas, welcoming Irish family and friends home for holidays. 

Christmas in Ireland is a magical time of homecoming and this year, now in our second holiday season dealing with Covid, we need that sparkle and joy of Christmas more than ever. Every year the arrival gates at Dublin Airport and airports around the country boast of scenes of tearful embraces and beaming smiles and this year, after such a long time apart, these reunions were made all the more poignant. 

Grandparents meeting their grandchildren for the first time. Mothers shedding a tear reunited with her child after three long years. We defy you not to well up watching Dublin Airport's 2021 offering.

After a long time not being able to share precious moments with loved ones, it's important to celebrate being able to spend time with loved ones at the most wonderful time of the year. To spread a little magic this festive period, and to celebrate the joy of coming home for Christmas. To everyone coming back for Christmas this year - welcome home!

This Christmas, Dublin Airport partnered with Avoca Ireland and United Airlines to bring a little magic to passengers coming home and to those visiting Ireland for the first time. On Fri, Dec 10 at 07.00, the team from Avoca Ireland welcomed United Airlines flight UA23 from New York home to Ireland.

Avoca wanted to spread some festive cheer and surprise passengers who were greeted with much-loved Avoca festive mince pies as they disembarked their flight, and each person was gifted with a unique Avoca Christmas present as a special, homecoming surprise. Even Santa Claus himself was there to welcome the home-comers, filling the Dublin Airport terminal with festive cheer and well-wishes.