This video from Everything Celtic shows how one man surprised his long-time girlfriend by proposing right after they performed an Irish step dance together at a Renaissance faire.

Before asking for her hand in marriage, Ben Thomas had to prove to girlfriend Kelly Boardman that he could keep pace with her Irish step dancing moves.

In the video, the couple take their positions onstage at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California, in Irwindale, to start an Irish step dance. Kelly is shocked when she realizes that Ben has secretly learned the steps ahead of time.

Visibly stunned, Kelly exclaims “What?” and “Oh my God!” before a delighted crowd.

After the dance ends and the couple takes their bows before a cheering and clapping audience, Ben tells the crowd how he moved to Los Angeles five years ago and “had a lot of highs and a lot of lows,” but “the best time” he had was when he met Kelly three and a half years ago.

Before taking out the ring and getting down on one knee, Ben states, “Because of her, I became the man I always wanted to be.”

Watch the video to see this adorable proposal.