UFC fighter Conor McGregor and his whirlwind career have certainly captured the imagination and the hearts of the Irish, drawing thousands of them to his fights to scream their Irish pride no matter where in the world his bouts may take place.

The charismatic mixed martial arts champion more than reciprocates that love, however, and in this touching video we get an insightful look into why he would rather live in Ireland than any other place in the world.

Ever the showman, McGregor is seen popping into his local store, stopping to take selfies with fans, and spending time with Irish people.

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“I'll never leave this place. This is my home," McGregor said, acknowledging that despite the massive pay checks and incredible fame that has come with his sporting success, once he steps out of the cage and out of the dazzling lights of the arena, he only has coming home to Ireland on his mind.

We also hear from McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh, who speaks about how the outspoken darling of UFC, who wages mental and physical war on his opponents, has nothing but time for the everyday person on the street.

"They get a 'thank you' as well, because he knows that each one of them is playing a role in helping elevate his status," Kavanagh said.

“It’s very proud for me to have the support of my people.”

The honor is all ours, Conor.

H/T: Boyles Sports / Facebook