Not that I’m ever planning to find myself in a bar fight, but if it were to happen, there’s no question as to the only person in the world I would pick to have in my corner—Irish mixed martial arts champion and legend Conor McGregor.

Dubliner McGregor has taken over the world of MMA, sensationally becoming the undisputed UFC featherweight champion in December 2015 following a contest with Jose Also that lasted a mere 13 seconds.

And now, he’s here to whisper some words of advice in your ear from the corner in case you find yourself facing off with somebody from across the bar in an old-fashioned brawl.

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While we don’t condone violence at IrishCentral, if it is absolutely necessary in self-defense, keep these handy tips from one of the world’s best fighters in mind and you are sure to emerge from the encounter unscathed.

The video is also yet another excuse for McGregor to show off his prime physical condition, not that he ever needs an excuse. The very concept of him being in a bar seems doubtful as it looks like he’s never touched a drop in his life.

For anybody still on track with their New Year Resolutions, this may either act as motivation or send you into a dark pit of despair, but it’s very easy to see how Rolling Stone magazine named him as one of the 25 hottest sex symbols of 2015.

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You can see the full video from GQ here

The Dubliner may not want to give his fans any further excuses to get rowdy, however. Two of them recently attempted to emulate McGregor’s prowess in the Octagon while on a flight from JFK to Las Vegas to see his fight against Jose Aldo, getting themselves into an in-flight brawl that caused the plane to be pulled back around and return to JFK so they could be escorted off the plane.

The small incident did nothing to overshadow the enjoyment and (relatively) good behavior of the 10,000 Irish fans who made it to Las Vegas, however, to scream the house down for all thirteen seconds of the Aldo fight.

You can watch the full video here. 

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