Two massive surprises make this Dublin Airport Christmas homecoming even more special. 

With the lights and decorations already up in Dublin Airport Arrivals and many of us living overseas starting to make our Christmas trek back to Ireland, it’s definitely time for some heartwarming “Love Actually”-style reunions in the airport arrivals lounge.

Back in 2014, Dublin Airport made this very special video for the O’Connor family from west Limerick who was celebrating the return from Australia of their youngest daughter Carmel. Although she had been back to Ireland two years previous, it was the first Christmas the whole family would spend together in four years and the excitement was immense.

Hoping to make her trip back home just that little bit more special, her younger brother Jack brought along his traditional Irish music group Draíocht to play her back into Ireland again with a bang.

Carmel was certainly overwhelmed when she found the whole clan and a session waiting for her once she got off the plane but she also had an amazing surprise of her own for the family.

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You can do nothing but smile at this beautiful Christmas family moment. Here’s hoping we have many more excited family reunions in Dublin Airport this Christmas.

Are you traveling back to Ireland this Christmas? What are you most looking forward to about your trip back home?

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* Originally published in 2014.