Sometimes a dog just needs to make a phone call! Beau, an Irish golden retriever in Co. Leitrim, delighted and frustrated his family to no end last year when he got a hold of a cell phone and was in no rush whatsoever to give it back.

Eimear O’Donnell captured a video of her brother Seán trying to get his phone back from Beau’s clutches, in a mostly futile chase around the Irish hillside.

“The world’s worst dog… and I still wouldn’t change him," she wrote on her Facebook page.

As Eimear giggles in the background, Seán can be seen attempting to reason with Beau as he darts across the grass with the phone in his mouth, tail wagging gleefully the whole time.

Since the video gained attention online, O’Donnell has received messages from media outlets as far away as Taiwan, leading her to wonder if she should be getting a full-time dog agent for Beau, which is not a bad idea at all.

Between Beau the cell phone thief and the sneaky fox who tried to steal a wallet on a golf course in Louth, it seems Ireland’s animals are developing a penchant for larceny!


*Originally published in 2015.