Canadian-born Charlotte Metin has expressed her love for Dublin's most riotous nightspot in a very unique way.

The real question is - did Coppers give the girl one of their infamous gold (membership) cards? 

Charlotte Metin thinks she deserves one - and considering this is not just a henna or transfer tat, we can't help but agree.

The Hartcourt Street nightclub, which has long been considered an authentic Irish institution, are bursting with pride over the girl's declaration of love. 

The nightspot took to Facebook to thank her for the freshly inked digits.

"This is quite incredible. A Canadian girl has fallen in love with Coppers so much, that she has only gone and got our coordinates tattooed on herself. 🙉 We've checked them, and they match up!  

feeling loved." 

Facebook commenters were quick to speculate as to the true meanings behind the girl's adoration for the lively bar.

"She got the wear off a garda," one wrote.

Another retaliated "she must have got the shift a hape of times."

What would you do for a Coppers gold card? Let us know in the comments below.