A viral video featuring three Irish farmers discussing the reopening of their local bar has become a viral sensation following a YouTube video posted by Irish newspaper the Irish Examiner.

The video covers the reopening of the Top of Coom bar, which the owners describe as 'Ireland's Highest Pub.'

It shows three men – Dan Kelleher, Joe Kelly, and Johnny McCarthy – joking and chatting about the reopening.

The men's thick Cork accents and lively chat has led to the video racking up tens of thousands of hits.

The pub is located between Kilgarvan in Co. Kerry, and Coolea in Co. Cork. It was destroyed in May 2012 by a fire and finally reopened last weekend.

The producers of BBC’s "Have I Got News for You" plan to screen part of the Irish Examiner’s Top of Coom pub clip at the start of Friday’s show at 9pm.

A spokesman for show's producers, Hat Trick Productions, said it was the “tremendous and unique characters” that attracted them to the video.

“We plan to use part of the clip at the opening of tonight’s show as a punch-line to a gag,” he said.

At more than 1,000 ft above sea level, Top of Croom is Ireland’s highest pub – a status the owners, the Creedon family, say has been confirmed by 2007’s Ordinance Survey.

Fifth-generation owners Tim and Eileen Creedon and their four children lost all their possessions when the pub burned down. However, the family rebuilt the pub and were joined by friends and regulars at the opening this May.

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Many have commented on how delightfully difficult it is to understand Dan, Joe and Johnny, but we bet IrishCentral's readers won't have any problem deciphering their chat.

Here's a head start on the first 20 seconds, courtesy of our Irish American visual editor Jay Sia. Transcribe the rest in the comment section!

Interviewer: And Dan, what does the opening of the pub mean to you?

Dan (left): Well it means a pint because I hadn't a drink for the last two years.


Dan (cont): I tell the lad, I'm goin' away for two years. I can't go anywhere!

* Originally published May 2014.