A survey carried out by an online dating site has shown that Gaelic football, soccer and equestrian pursuits are about the most unsexy. What do you think?

According to the survey, carried out by EliteSingles, which quizzed 60,000 Irish singles, it seems that the GAA is not hot! It seems to us that literally millions would disagree and we submit Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan as exhibit one in our case (see above).

In fact, it seems like these dating sites could have it in for the Irish. BeautifulPeople.com said that the Irish male was among the least handsome in the world. Nonsense.

What’s interesting about the EliteSingles survey is that it’s not the paragliders and surfers who are sexiest. It seems that sedentary safe hobbies like reading, cinema and photography are what rocks Irish singles' boats.

Not surprising that travel comes as the hottest hobby.

Here’s a list of the top ten most appealing hobbies:

1. Traveling

2. Cinema

3. Fine dining

4. Health and fitness

5. Music

6. Hiking

7. Reading

8. Socializing

9. Theater

10. Photography

* Originally published in 2015.